piatok 16. mája 2008

Elle Driver

Elle Driver, AKA California Mountain Snake, is another swordswoman loyal to Bill. She was trained by Pai Mei, like Bill and The Bride, but upon disrespecting Pai Mei, he plucked out one of Elle's eyes, and thus she wore a distinctive eyepatch ever since. In retaliation, she murdered Pai Mei by poisoning his food. She is depicted as being excessively greedy and sadistic, offering large amounts of money to buy The Bride's Hanzo sword from Budd, then killing him with a live Black Mamba snake. Her hatred for The Bride stems from jealousy over her close relationship with Bill, though she also respects The Bride as "the greatest warrior [she] had ever known." In their climactic fight, The Bride pulls out Elle's other eye and leaves her for dead; as Pai Mei declared The Bride's arm "his" when he began training her, he in effect took both of Driver's eyes. Elle's fate is open to interpretation by end of the second film, in the final credits all the dead DiVAS have a line through their name. However Elle has a ? over it.

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